About the SWCF

Dr Simon Wolff, lecturer in Toxicology at University College, London, died in November 1995, aged 38. He was known as a radical with strong opinions on scientific issues, transport policy and public health.

In his short life he contributed a great deal both as a professional scientist and a campaigner. A fund to further research in the fields in which the late Dr Wolff was active was launched at his Memorial Service in April 1996. Over the following months, it was decided to broaden the scope of the fund and also to apply for charitable status. We became an officially approved UK charity in August 1996 and became known as the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation (SWCF). The aim of the Foundation is to promote work which will enable Dr Wolff’s radical spirit to live on. We campaign, fund and promote activities, research and education in the following areas:

  • Transport and health
  • Alternatives to cars
  • Science travel grants at university level
  • Science prizes at school and university level

After more than twenty years’ work, the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation closed.