Results of pilot study on transport pollution and health funded by the SWCF

The SWCF was delighted to be able to part-fund an air quality study in 2014 by Pallavi Pant and colleagues at Birmingham University. This continues the work started by Dr Simon Wolff in the 1990s.

Pallavi Pant summarised the findings of the study as follows:

Non-exhaust emissions are gaining prominence as a significant contributor to air quality in urban areas, and this pilot study has helped us in improving our understanding of the composition of PM10 road dust, as well as potential health risks. Although we have identified some trends (e.g. Cu was found to be associated with oxidative stress), this was a small study, and we plan to continue this assessment with larger datasets with samples from different locations to generate conclusive evidence on health risks associated with exposure to road dust.

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You can download the full academic report, which has now been made available to the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation, from here: The academic report download