Science Prizes

The Simon Wolff Contrarian Award

In 1996, scientists working in the area of Free Radicals decided they wanted to set up a “living memorial” to Simon Wolff. The prize was to be awarded to those who upset established scientific applecarts, a sport Simon enjoyed and was well known for. The Australian Society for Free Radical Research kindly gave a donation towards the inaugural award.

The Simon Wolff Contrarian Award is awarded biennially and will hopefully be an encouragement to those who engage in research going against the grain of current dogma.

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Motivation for Science Award

The SWCF is funding an award of up to £2500 to secondary schools in the state sector in order to promote new ideas on keeping less motivated pupils interested in science. Depending on our resources, we hope this will become a biennial award.

The inaugural award was made in August 1999 to Groby Community College in Leicestershire, UK. The college is currently piloting the use of starter cards at the beginning of lessons to introduce scientific ideas linked to the pupils’ own experiences outside school.

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Simon Wolff Rugby School Science Prize

Simon Wolff attended Rugby school from 1970 to 1975. The SWCF funds an annual prize for science pupils who have made an outstanding contribution towards the understanding of science within the school.

The prize is not simply for the pupil with the top marks, but for someone who is able to combine scientific understanding with an ability to communicate well.

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