Trustees and Advisers of the SWCF

Trustees of the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation

Chris Bainbridge BA, Dip TP, MRTPI Originally from Sheffield and studied at the London School of Economics. He has worked as a planner, mostly transport planning, in local government for twenty-seven years. He worked closely with Simon Wolff in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the later stages of the Archway Road campaigns and in developing the alternative transport strategy for London, the Blueprint for Transport.

Lindis Hallan MA, Dip TEFLA, Dip NSL (Secretary) Writer and linguist. Founded the SWCF after the death of her husband, Simon Wolff. Transport campaigning experience in London and Oslo.

Cyril Meadows MA Linguist and university administrator. Was involved in the Archway Road campaign and other campaigns to stop the building of motorways in the London area. Later worked closely with Simon Wolff on more general transport issues.

Nina Tuckman Former international official (Geneva, New York, Washington D.C.). In Archway campaign from 1976. Persuaded Haringey Council not to collaborate with government in planning new motorways and instead to finance the Blueprint for Transport. Initiated and co-ordinated the SWCF February 2001 Conference on “Do New Roads Regenerate?”

Matthew Wolff BA, MBA SWCF Treasurer and Simon’s younger brother. He is a Senior Business Manager with the British Council in Manchester and advises on development projects overseas, focusing particularly on Eastern Europe and East Asia.


Professor John Eaton James Graham Brown Professor of Cancer Biology at the University of Louisville

Dr Barry Gray MA, MD, FRCP Consultant Physician at the Department of Respiratory Medicine, King’s College Hospital. London SE5 9RS

Professor Nicholas Hunt Professor of Pathology at the University of Sydney

Alison Woolard MA, DPhil Scientist. Lecturer in Genetics at Oxford University and Fellow of Hertford College. Research interest is the genetics of inherited developmental disorders. Worked with Simon Wolff 1987-1991 on the involvement of free radicals in disease.